The Retreat to Broadway experience combines the best of live theater with enlightening discussion to provide a thought-provoking and uplifting retreat experience. I could not recommend Retreat to Broadway more highly to others.
-J. Roche

As a group high school thespians, Retreat to Broadway has empowered us to work closer together as a team while reflecting upon what makes us unique. Thanks to Retreat to Broadway and their amazing programs, we are able to celebrate our differences both on and off the stage.
-Wallenpaupack Area High School Players

Retreat to Broadway was unlike any experience I ever had. I had the opportunity to visit the city, enjoy a show, make new friends and share my faith with a fun-loving group of people. After seeing Altar Boyz and laughing until I cried, we met the cast and crew and engaged in great conversation. At John’s Pizzeria during our post-show dinner, our group sat together, broke bread and shared our thoughts and views in a non-judgmental environment. Brian Reavey is a flawlessly fantastic retreat coordinator that facilitates excellent discussion and encourages everyone to be themselves. I cherish my memories from Retreat to Broadway and would indubitably recommend experiencing it to anyone and everyone.
-J. Skelton

As a parent of two teenage children, I cannot recommend Retreat to Broadway enough to other parents and students. Our family has experienced multiple events and programs over the past several years, and we always walk away feeling refreshed and inspired. The Speakers Bureau member interaction and the programs themselves hold meaningful memories for our family, and we look forward to attending more Retreat to Broadway programs in the future.
-C. Lane

Retreat to Broadway offers participants a unique opportunity to explore topics of faith, self-awareness and connection to community through the lens of the performing arts. I was so grateful for Brian’s heartfelt guidance and the inspiring testimonials given by the Broadway performers, leaving me relaxed and renewed by the end of the retreat.
-E. Telfair

I have always been inspired by live theater. Theater has inspired me and pushed me to see things in new ways. To be a part of the audience and to immerse myself in the words, stories and music is to be transformed. Retreat to Broadway and their amazing Speakers’ Bureau has allowed me to hear their stories and what inspires them as actors. These actors give generously of their time, creativity and insight to make live theater become even more alive. My experience of Retreat to Broadway events has left me renewed and transformed and very grateful.
-A. Mueller

I attended my first Retreat to Broadway when I was a junior in high school and I honestly don’t feel like I’d be where I am today without that experience. After the day was over I simply saw life differently: my eyes were open to the wondrous ways we can be transformed by theater, by conversation and by what seems to be the everyday movements of life.
-M. Chedid

Retreat to Broadway helped me find a way to connect to the musicals that I love on a deeper, more spiritual level. Music has always been something that comforts me and eases stress, but Retreat to Broadway helped me see even deeper themes and find more meaning in the songs and stories that I love. There is a connection that you make with the others on the retreat that just can’t be matched in other settings. I love the energy that Brian brings as a coordinator and the Speakers Bureau members are phenomenal. If you haven’t already had an experience of Retreat to Broadway, you are seriously missing out.
-K. McAndrew

There are special people in our world who believe theater and creative expression can transform someone’s soul. I have been fortunate enough to experience and witness this at Retreat to Broadway events. Our group saw the play IF/THEN and shared an intimate dinner following the performance with actor, Anthony Rapp. It was a such an incredibly honest and wonderful Q&A discussion among all of the theater enthusiasts in attendance. And it was all planned and facilitated with natural ease and composed professionalism from the founder and heart of Retreat to Broadway, Brian Reavey. I eagerly look forward to future participation in another Retreat to Broadway program.
-C. Ingram

I think what makes Retreat to Broadway experiences so amazing is that they are ultimately about connection. Connecting to a story you see on a stage. Connecting to a speaker who has walked a similar journey as you. Connecting with others as they share pieces of who they are. Our world can be so isolated, and Retreat to Broadway provides an opportunity for us to share our stories, connect as people and perhaps be transformed along the way.
-M. Chun

There is something very beautiful about hearing people’s stories and discovering how they have gotten to a particular point in their life. At Retreat to Broadway, I had this very experience! Retreat to Broadway gave me the opportunity to listen to one actor’s journey and reflect upon my own life journey and truly appreciate the support system surrounding me. With any group of people, at any stage of life, Retreat to Broadway is an inspiring experience.
-C. Schrack